Snappy Tomato Pizza

Snappy Tomato Pizza in Gallatin County, Kentucky

Snappy Tomato Pizza

Trust a tomato to surround himself with great ingredients. No matter which Snappy Tomato Pizza menu item you order, you know it will be fresh, tasty and delivered in a snap. At every Snappy Tomato Pizza, we start the day fresh. It would be easier to use frozen dough as many of the chains do, but we make ours fresh each morning. The same is true for our cheese—always fresh, never frozen. And with a name like Snappy Tomato, you better have the very freshest vine-ripened tomatoes. Ours are picked fresh, packed, and canned to make our award winning sauce all within six hours, so they’re literally right out of the garden.

310 E Main St, Warsaw, KY 41095
Phone: (859) 567-1177

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